The gothic style is a little dated. It has changed considerably from the days when Robert Smith wore intentionally terrible make-up on stage while jamming out to a subdued version of “Friday, I’m in Love.” If someone mentions The Cure alongside gothic style, they are either over 40 or missing the point. Any attachment to My Chemical Romance will be scorned. So what is modern Gothic clothing for men? If it isn’t eyeliner, lots of black, and sad poetry, what is it?

Gothic clothing is derived from emo music in the early 90’s. But, gothic style is not as popular now as it was in the early 2000’s or the 80’s. The more popular style is now steampunk. Steampunk is a variation of gothic, but it is arguably a lot classier, and a lot odder.

Steampunk has this classic history style to it. Hayao Miyazaki brought steampunk to western audiences with his 2004 film, Howl’s Moving Castle. Steampunk was popular stateside before, but it was this movie that really brought it back in full force.

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Steampunk is, at its core, is a fantasy genre that replaces dragons with steam-engine inspired technology. The world’s in steampunk are both classic (trains) and fantastical (flying steamboats). A few popular steampunk styles include pirates that have ships that fly in the sky, trains that people live on forever, and any industrial factory run by ogres and trolls.

Steampunk clothing for men captures two main aesthetics- 19th century clothing and pure excess. The great thing about steampunk clothing is that it sticks out without being way too crazy. It is a style that uses chains and locks in the clothing. The Soul Calibur franchise uses steampunk commonly. Other popular series, in video games and film, use steampunk blatantly.

Womens Alternative Clothing are taking some influence from pure steampunk. It is a genre that is not exceptionally popular. It is a fantastic alternative to what is going on now. It is also classy, fresh, and inspired by the real world while still being fantastical. It hardly gets better. Though it subtly derives from gothic and emo, it has become its own thing entirely.